2. How To Buy

1. Send us Message: I want to Order ……….
2. I will email Invoice For Payment together with Account Number
3. Make payment, send proof of payment
4. Items will be delivered!
5. Read our Terms & Conditions HERE before submitting order


54 comments on “2. How To Buy

  1. fiza says:

    hi anis, saya ada masalah cari no akaun awak kat sini… nanti reply kat email k

  2. aemintz says:

    ohh, hehe i dont publish my acc number sbb snng nk track sape bayar etc. emailed you my acc number already. pls check ya. thnks

  3. yuyu85 says:

    hai sis,
    im very interested to buy Tommy Bifold Brown With Black Stripe..blck color still available??
    cn u gve me ur contact num??plzz amail me after u read da msg..whodare85@yahoo.com..thx u:)

  4. Diana Luciana says:

    Hi. Are u still selling Etienne Aigner Tucson Tassle Tote in black? Thank you

  5. hi.. just want to ask if you ship items to the Philippines? how is payment done? and how many days does it take for items to arrive.? thanks

  6. Hanifah Abdullah says:

    Hi there, just wondering if you can get the Aigner geometric logo shoulder bag in brown with matching checkbook wallet? and is payment by cash deposit? sorry, i have never done this before. do you get any other sunglasses by aigner? i would like to buy the aigner floral top zip apricot shoulder bag that u already have in stock…look forward to hearing from you…regards, hani

  7. Hanifah Abdullah says:

    also one more thing, do you ever get aigner mens wallet and belt? sorry to bother you…Hanifah

  8. Jenny says:

    Hi There,

    did u have in stock for ramadhan sale fossil ari hobo??
    like to reserve for that!

    PM me immedietly…

  9. Hariani says:

    As salam Anis….Slmt Berpuasa.

    Akak berminat dgn sunglass Etienne Aigner Lyon – Black. Ada lagi ke stok? Bila terima sekiranya bank in by today?

  10. Faizah says:

    Hi! I am interested with AE’s sunglass yg priced at RM145. Masih available ke? Bila boleh dapat?

  11. rose says:

    still x dpt apa2 form pun kt mail..guano ni..

  12. Marya says:

    hi, am trying to get this crossbody from FOSSIL, let me know if you can help
    Model : Sasha crossbody, Style No:ZB2989, colour: yellow

    • aemintz says:

      salam, marya

      fossil shasha yellow RM 375 termasuk pos..klau confirm nk, bgtau k. i will give my acc number. order takes 2-3 weeks to arrive

  13. marz says:


    bleh x i dptkan quotation for this bag style 15319?..pink color

  14. aemintz says:

    hi dear, utk this model ade color black and khaki je..

  15. marz says:

    how much dear?.. i prefer khaki color..

  16. aemintz says:

    its RM 1270.. nk bgtau kk..tq!

  17. norsla says:

    salam kak, nak tanye EA a logo checkbook clutch kaler multi maple, brapa rm ye? tq.

  18. norsla says:

    Anis, payment mcm mana? kena deposit or full payment?nanti bg mbb acc ye. tq

  19. miz says:

    nak tanye..sume brg2 ni original ye?

  20. miz says:

    sori2..xabes bce..hehe

  21. kak ros says:

    Hi Anis, I would like to order a few items, please reply my email.

  22. Norsla says:

    aemintz :
    boleh order, Rm 190 nk bgtau ye.

    Salam Anis, saya dah bank in tadi ke mbb acc Anis RM190. Details nanti saya email ye. tq

  23. aemintz says:

    okeyy nti email me 🙂

  24. AYU AYUNI says:


  25. Nurul Hafiza says:

    salam, saya terbuka blog u ni…dan saya interested nak order Sunglasses
    Available lagi x brand yg ini – LC Marquette Color Tort ataupun Etienne Aigner Entourage Sunglasses (Tortoise)???

    Pls give ur feedback asap. TQ = )

  26. Nurul Hafiza says:

    anis, tlg surveykan harga handbag Kate Spade, tgk website ini ea http://www.katespade.com/product/index.jsp?productId=10776333&cp=1863844.2180761

    Tq =)

  27. Fatin says:

    Hello dear, would like to know the locations provided for COD. thanks 🙂

  28. sharifah an'nur says:

    anis, tlg surveykan GUESS WATCH n harga ini eaa.. 1 dh send email.. tq

  29. cik_ida says:

    hai….nak tau kalau nak order untuk victoria secret love spell body mist macam mana yer?

  30. Leza says:

    saya dh emel nk beli brg, tp x bgi link/code… but sya ada attach gmbr, bole ke mcm tu?
    mana nk tgk link/code item tu?

  31. CoCo says:

    hello! can I make a request for other things from the US?

  32. melinda ong says:

    I have been sending you guys fb messages on ur wall as well as messages here. but, i have not received any reply from your side.
    please help. tq


    Hi, i’m interested to buy 489 × 423 – Etienne Aigner Status Quo Crossbody MULTI. Is it still available? if it is not in stock, i’m prepared to wait. Thank you.


    HI, I’m interested to buy 489 × 423 – Etienne Aigner Status Quo Crossbody MULTI. Is it still available? if it is not in stock, i’m prepared to wait. I really want this sling bag. Thank you.

  35. aswa teratai says:

    sila pm saya.. aswa teratai

  36. Suzy says:

    Hai. Nak tanye , price yg di tunjuk dah add dgn shipping n poslaju sekali ke ?


      Yes harga is all inc.

      On Fri, Sep 27, 2013 at 9:58 PM, Jualan Mega USA! | Shop branded handbags Malaysia | Coach Malaysia | Fossil Malaysia |

  37. Asilah says:

    hi.. boleh saya buat special request, if possible… order utk Fossil Sydney Satchel & Sydney Zip Clutch (both camel colour) brape harga for both? thank u

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