1. Feedback

I would appreciate if succesful buyer can post their feedback here..

If you need to contact me via phone, I will provide phone number via email or PM.

Have a nice day!


474 comments on “1. Feedback

  1. aemintz says:

    takpe. tak paksa beli ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. ema says:

    bole check price for aigner wallet for men?

  3. rozzairi says:

    bro..QUIKSILVER towel available x?

  4. aemintz says:

    Aigner wallet for men jarang jumpe gak..sllu kalo kat outlet sbbkan die brg popular, die cpt abis.

    Quiksilver towel kat amazon jual dalam 30-40 dollar which is mahal la jugk. tp kalo sy dpt jumpe yg lagi murah or yang ade sale, nti sy roger lah. k.

  5. na says:

    salam.. kalau sy nak order brg sndiri, cuma perlukan US address je utk dlivery, u charge camane ye? bile brg u dah trima, u tlg postkan bg sy kt msia…tQ

  6. aemintz says:

    ooo…sy charge shipping & poslaju je.. sbb alang2 anta skli ngn brg2 sy kan.. so shouldnt be a problem..

  7. posh says:

    ucop…cek fb ko gak

  8. hai says:

    hai~! hai, hai. lol

  9. aemintz says:

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiii,…i know you. lol ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. aemintz says:

    izz check your email k! ๐Ÿ™‚

    p/s: post kat sini lg senang nk trace.

  11. Anonymous says:

    hei missy, can you explain why some of the branded items most people sell are made in china? is it really authentic?

    • aemintz says:

      hi there…

      yup theres a lot of issues arising about authenticity.

      Firstly, in US if you provide fake items, your business will be reported to consumers rights org such as Consumer Federation of America and your business will be in trouble. Its illegal to do that. Consumers rights is quite strong here you can even return your purchase if you are not satisfied within 30 days, not like malaysia.

      For example, i get those item from an outlet. If i found that the outlet sell fake item, i can report to CFA and the outlet will be liable if they are found guilty for selling fake item.

      Secondly all the items come with brand tag.

      Thirdly, refer here to know why branded item are manufactured in China.

      Fourthly, you can tell the item is fake or original by looking at the quality of the item.

      an interesting issue, McD being sued for improper label

      hope it helpps ! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Anonymous says:

        what a joke, that women won millions by just bringing up trivial case to the court? lol.

        anyway, thanks for the explanation. I feel like living under the coconut shell.. sorry for ignorant question. I hope one day Malaysia consumer right can be on par with the developed nations. I hate most when I have to buy branded stuffs from Malaysia, either kaw2 kene tipu or satisfied. Usually I am always satisfied buying at shopping mall because confirm x kne tipu. However, all branded items are overprice there… I know at oversea you can get dirt cheap, according to experience of someone I know.

        Let me know if you stock up banana republic, I know its cheap there at US.

  12. siti says:

    salam sis… i da dpt wallet Liz Claiborne Medium Wallet #LZ1003.. cantik.. sukenye.. baru kuar kotak ni.. panas lg..im hepi deal dgn u..

  13. aemintz says:

    received my item in good condition today…one day later, but not his fault…smile.gif cos i wasn’t ard to ‘welcome’ poslaju guy yesterday…fast replies, fast service! two thumbs up and two big toes up! will definitely look fwd to dealing wif u again!


    “hei linie.juz received ur parcel today. lov d wallet!! hope i cud get a gud discount nex time”


    “cik anis, tq2 sy dh dpt purse, like it very much!”
    Last message received on 2/13 at 11:01 AM


  14. linie says:

    thx to agent yg efficient juga…hahah!!

  15. Bel says:

    Can you check for me Fossil Watch price (price + delivery) as below:

    1. ES1967
    2. ES2364
    3. ES1965

    If you can get either one at an incredible price, I’ll buy one.

  16. aemintz says:

    price inc shipping straight fr US to you

    ES 1967 = RM 470 ( ebay price RM 500++)
    ES 2364 =RM 399
    ES 1965 =RM 420

  17. nurul says:

    bile nk jual tshirt or dress?
    n xpaham macam mane nk kire harge..
    contoh kalu brg tu price die $100 so, after that brg tuh jd brape in RM (after consider all cost)..
    n sy suke beg nw1039…tolonggg!

  18. aemintz says:

    salam, nurul

    boleh pilih dari link link kedai yg anis dah listkan..anis akan kirakan harga..
    katakanlah bju tu USD100…try add to cart tgk shipping rate die..

    $100(item) + $6.00(shipping to my hse) +$15 (shipping to msia) + $ 12 handling charge * RM 3.45
    =RM 460…(estimation price)

    NW1039 stil kt US..will ship nex week latest by friday. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Bel says:

    Tak sabar nak tunggu jam sampai. Nanti dah dpt I’ll update u.

  20. linie says:

    sabar bel..heheh.brg da smpai kat kastam mesia,will try to send ur item by this week, direct to ur doorstep..hehee

  21. aemintz says:

    oo dah smpai msia ehh..
    good to hear ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Als says:

    Agent yg sgt best! Full disclosure and transparency. Looking forward to doing business again =B

  23. nana says:


    saye link blog ni ye..tq

  24. linie says:

    pat on the shoulder to the agent!!hahah..tgh bungkus brg2 ni..by jumaat, tggu Mr.Posmen yaahh..

  25. aemintz says:

    1) RM 510 inc shipping
    2) RM 500 inc shipping
    3) RM 420 inc shipping


  26. Bel says:

    Anis and Linie,

    I’vet received the watch yesterday, happy sesangat. Nanti nak pegi kedai, mintak kecilkan.

    Overall puas hati sgt.
    Thanks a lot.

  27. linie says:

    nice watch Bel.. =D bling bling~hihihi

  28. Sharon says:


    Please email me with a quote from this website:

    FYI, there is a 25% off from the original price and another $10 off from total price using this code NWHANDBG & also free delivery to your doorstep (within US) for this item.


  29. sue says:

    aii…ader x jual kasut adidas toronto kat sana…malaysia ssh cari lah…klu ader u kasi tau harga k.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. sue says:

    blh x tgk harga kasut adidas toronto kat sana

  31. aemintz says:

    try check sini

    shipping to msia $35-$40
    final price is around RM 380.


  32. sue says:

    okay ,thank coz info sy….blh x u beli kan??? if can sy nak kasut adidas tue…final price tue dah campur sekali dgn kos u g beli kew???

  33. yatie says:


    ada tak jam tangan aigner? kalo ade, berapa ye? kalo boleh nak yang satu set (man n woman)…

    ade tak checkbook aigner Style #:3362$40.00 (cari kat website aigner). kalo ade brape harganye ye. warna multi maple…

    just tanya dulu…


  34. sue says:

    salam kak, blh x cari kan adidas toronto model konsortium live stock saiz 9-10.

  35. aemintz says:

    yg ni RM 180 inc postage. ive replied to yr email.

  36. izz says:

    http://shop.guess.com/ProductDetails.aspx?style=GWJENDALEE&category|3812=&image=GWJENDALEE-LGNFB tlg quote bleh?best price ye,tq ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. izz says:

    $88.95 45% $53.37 10% (klau register email) $48.04 +shipping $7.95
    *harap murah dr quote laen ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. aemintz says:

    just to let u know, shoes ade 30% custom tax kalau hantar in bulk.
    so to avoid that, i will ship separately with $35 US shipping

    total: RM 360 inc shipping and handling.


  39. oh ๐Ÿ˜ฆ tq for reply ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. awintz says:

    nice pic of my wife tote….thanks

  41. Anonymous says:

    hi do you do COD?

  42. aemintz says:


    i am no longer accepting COD cos lots of back out buyer COD missing in action

  43. wawa says:

    sy nak tnye, u ade amek tak multi isla hobo? fossil…
    ade x? if ade, brape RM? TQ..

  44. aemintz says:

    wawa, check emel pls, k!

  45. aemintz says:

    nuyu, the price is RM 95 inc postage and shipping. tq!

  46. nuyu says:

    thnks cik anis..
    sy nk mane2 diatas yg masih ade stock selai yer..size 28..
    erk..ok ke 28 utk org 151cm, 46kg?

  47. aemintz says:

    ok kot saiz 28..jp lagi sy emel details k!

  48. Dina says:

    Salam anis,

    nak tanya jam black leather fossil yg RM 190 ni sekali dgn warranty tak? harga tu sekali dgn delivery ke & ada stock lg tak? any details about this watch? tq ek.. minat jam ni..

  49. aemintz says:

    sorry dina..the watch is no longer available..

  50. yai says:

    can u check d total cost for this one & how long wil it take to reach malaysia?



  51. aemintz says:

    ls check your emel, k. thnks

  52. aemintz says:

    pls check your emel, k. thnks

  53. reza hatta says:

    Etienne Aigner A Logo Tote #EA1024.

    nice blog. and i wud like to get this model for my wife (multimaple).

    appreciate if u can confirm the price to my e add and to also include ur acct no and name.

    Thank you.

  54. Bel says:

    Dear Anis,

    Nine West Satchel Bag (Walnut) or Nine West Nambe Satchel (Black)is still available for ordering.
    Please confirm.


  55. aemintz says:


    Nine West Nambe Satchel all out of stock


  56. erning says:

    How is the shipping rate?(In MYR)
    I want to order from Forever 21.

  57. aemintz says:

    erning, pls show me item link. i will quote overall price in RM thanks

  58. Dina says:

    Salam anis…

    nk tanya, leh restock x jam fossil black leather yg ada sekali dgn date tu? i ada tgk kt web timezone.. yg i nk beli tp dh x de stock.. kindly give me the details yea about the price.. tq so much..:)

  59. nusuk says:

    boleh survey clogs (kasut) untuk kegunaan di dapur x?

    contoh brand klogs,Dr.Scholl, Alpro (birkenstock), toffeln..

  60. roselina says:


    can u quot me the price or coach poppy pocket hobo leather white color (not sure of the exact color code)

  61. dina says:

    hai, kak if saya nak beli secara online barangan di us biasanya yg ada sale, then free shipping to us address? mcm u kira harga shipping contoh I beli baju and kasut yang cost me around 100usd berat 10kg.how u calculate that?? in your experience brape tax kena sebab I dengar mcm mahal je.i hope u can give me the best offer ya


  62. ami says:

    i just found your website. please let me know if you can shop for me a ray ban sunglasses?.

  63. ami says:

    website :

    rb2132 code new wayfarer; color code 901;
    sku:rb2132-03 USD119

  64. aemintz says:

    chck emel pls. tq

  65. NOOR AZREN says:

    salam ,

    nk tanyer status brg i wallet TH. Dh email few times no reply. Thanks

  66. aemintz says:

    dh emel u back. tq

  67. yai says:

    hye anis,

    Got the shoes!!!Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction.Excellent condition,quick shipping arrangement, great communication!


  68. niza says:

    hi ain, ni kak niza… beg fossil tu dah sampai kt ain ker??

  69. wan says:

    hi there ..

    i dah email beberapa kali but no reply ..mcm mana ek?


  70. shannon says:

    hi girl. =)

    do you sell IPhone?
    can you quote me a price for an IPHONE 16gb (white)?

  71. nizam says:

    salam anis..nak tanya.

    kalau saya beli barang..dalam USD 150,weight dalam 10 kg, how much the postage cost tu malaysia?

  72. nizam says:

    salah name la pulok..sorry

  73. aemintz says:

    wsalam nizamm

    weight 10 kg berat tu..
    dalam plus minus USD 150 gk la..

  74. Liana says:

    Sorry, lmbt update. I’ve received Liz&co checkbook in good condition. Thanks.
    Nice dealing with u. Easy n less hassle
    Good luck with your sale

  75. jas says:


    Saya nak mohon bantuan saudari, saya ada akaun personal di amazon.com. (payments.amazon.com), dalam tu ada funds hasil kerja-kerja yang saya lakukan di salah sebuah site amazon.com (mturk.com). Malangnya saya tidak boleh mengeluarkan duit tersebut ke deposit ke akaun bank saya di Malaysia. Saya hanya boleh gunakan fund itu untuk shopping di amazon.com (guna gift-card). walaubagaimanapun, Funds itu boleh di keluarkan dengan menggunakan akaun bank beralamat di US. Saya akan bagi username & password ( full access ) ke dalam akaun saya itu. Saya harap saudari boleh membantu.

  76. marina says:

    Salam kak,

    bole bagi alamat kat new jersey, saya nak beli barang sendiri, nanti akak tolong poskan kat Malaysia ya?.. boleh kan.. nanti tolong bagi harga pos brapa ya?

  77. nora says:

    Salam…. org baru di site ni..minta bantuan??? Tolong surveykan harga ladies watch fm Aigner the latest edition… leather or metal strap mana-mana ok….ok ke? Kalau harga ok, saya berminat untuk dapatkan satu… Thanx.

  78. Nasibah Aminy says:

    Hi..Nasibah here. I’m interested to buy the Etienne Aigner Tuscon Item Tote @ RM320 – BLACK.

    Is the bag still available? Kindly let me have details of bank account. Thanks.

  79. rozie says:

    Anis, akak minat nak beli set corelle. Roughly kalau 16pc/20pc set tu berapa agaknya cost shipping +handling + tax etc.. that u will charge. So far, x came across lg customer yg nk kirim pinggan mangkuk nih. Will u take this kind of order? or orders taken are limited to handbags, clothes (item yg ringan2 je). Will wait 4 yr reply. Thx..

  80. aemintz says:


    sorry kak sy tk ship pinggan mangkuk sbb takut pecah and berat. pinggan mangkuk ni org pakai shipping kapal utk selamat dan murah. maaf ye.

  81. aemintz says:

    sy dh reply sume emel,, kalau sy tk reply tu maknenye tk dapat nk dibantu ye…maaf. ๐Ÿ™‚

  82. rozie says:

    OK.no problem. thanx anyway..

  83. firdaus says:

    hye Anis…

    bole tlg check harga + shipping to msia item nie….


  84. nora says:

    Salam Anis…. ur reply di atas (june 16, 2.41am) reply to one person ke atau untuk semua?…

  85. firdaus says:

    hye Anis…

    sorry x check size td… ingat ader size m…i tgk yg lain dulu

  86. nora says:

    tak minat promo wrist watch ke? Tolong la survey aigner watch for me…plssssssss… harga di KL ni terlalu mahal !!!!!

  87. aemintz says:

    kalau ade sy akan advertise, k. tp mslah nye takde huhu..sorry ye

  88. nora says:

    Salam Anis…da terima barang semalam…mmg tak disertakan dgn box ya? thank you.

  89. Farhah says:

    Hey.Geneva toggle watch tu still boleh order ke?

  90. Nora says:

    salam anis….tak reply pun tang
    CK wallet? Takut tak sampai sebelum tkh akak nak…

  91. shida says:

    salam anis, saya ada email, nanti check email ya.tq

  92. Liana says:

    Hi Anis,
    I’ve received my fossil satchel

  93. aemintz says:


    its RM 280..

  94. akmar says:


    Anis,,,akmar dh link kan old navy tu yea…
    Tolong quotekan yea…


  95. ally says:

    Clear Stella Pink Analog Dial Watch

    hello kak..can u check out this watch for me?thank u so much!

  96. ally says:

    ouh btw..its Fossil.. =)

  97. Afiq says:

    Analog Pink Dial Watch

    Style #: JR1158

    salam.. ble tolong tengokkan this type of fossil watch x? teringin nak belikan hadiah utk orang.. TQ!

    bagitau price sekali eh?

  98. Lin says:

    Hi Anis, boleh tengokkan harga untuk ni tak? Including shipping to Malaysia ๐Ÿ™‚


  99. dang says:

    Hi anis..

    boleh tlg cekkan harga jam ne ship to malaysia..


    tq.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  100. Cp Wong says:

    Hi Anis,

    Good day!

    Just want to check with you for Coach Signature Gallery Tote #14281-Khaki color that you posted on your website could find the same model bag for me but now your existing bag which coated with white color I need it in Khaki color. Is it posibble for you to source it for me? From my view I see the strap with white color not match with the khaki color bag but it should be nicer if all in Khaki color… Awaiting for your reply. T.Q

  101. Nora says:

    salam anis….yeeeeees, baru terima my beg..tqvm Tapi, regret , kenapa tak ada dustbag atau kotak?

    • aemintz says:

      coach yg off season (yg available kt outlet) does not come with dustbag..

      sorry i should tell you earlier..

      kotak, my supplier decided not to give sbb nnti akn tambah kos shipping die which is tk berbaloi..

  102. smiley says:

    hi…i like to ask are u selling other brands handbags? like coach?

  103. anny says:

    hye..just wondering if u can help..
    i would rily2 like to bu alice crocs but here dah takde..so if possible,i nak kirim dengan u..hehe.if u can,do let me know yeah..

    • aemintz says:

      try u check availability of your size and color kat crocs.com rasenya sgt limited.. kalau ade yr size, let me know, i boleh belikan tq~

  104. siti says:


    nak tanya harga included semua Crocs ni berapa eh kalau nak mintak u tolong belikan?

    1. Marnie $39.99 W7 Plum
    2. McCall Coral $24.99 W7 Bubblegum/Silver
    3. Alice Work $29.99 W7 Black


  105. shida says:

    salam anis, barang yg akak order dari ebay dah sampai.cepat nya…TQ ya

  106. Izan says:

    Salam Anis, nk mtak tlong tgokkan ada tak purse Aigner dgn Liz Claiborne…Satu lg about hbag, how u measure.. Is it H x W x L ker cmner…confius la…coz I’m really interested with DKNY’s hbag tp mcm kecik la pulak…

  107. afiq says:


    berapa price untuk jam fossil model,

    1. JR1067 $85
    2. JR1068 $75

    bagi price setiap 1 eh? TQ!

  108. aizul says:

    salam saya nk tny harga kasut supra skytop bapew harga sepasang n mcm mana saya blh dapatkan……..

  109. aizul says:

    salam saya aizul……klu blh bagi price kasut tu kt email saya ya…….

  110. Sulastri says:

    Assalamualaikum Anis

    Saya berminat nak beli Etienne Aigner Stella Top ZIp in Black. What do I do next?

    Thank you.

  111. fikri says:

    leh crikkan iphone 3gs dak?

  112. aemintz says:

    iphone susah sikit la nk cari jailbroken ngn unlocked

  113. hafiz says:

    boleh order handphone jugak ke?

    kalo Blackberry berapa boleh dapat?

  114. rosie says:

    do u have hyde park leather tote? can a mini laptop fit in? how much is the price for this bag n total cost. TQ

  115. aemintz says:

    yes, boleh order. ive replied all thru email. pls check ya. tq!

  116. hafiz says:

    i da check takde pun? could u resend it back? TQ!

    • aemintz says:

      black berry (Curve) Rm 1700, Bolt (RM 1900) inc shipping, charge tax and AP kt kastam … tk tau la kalo kt msia lagi murah..kt sini berbaloi beli hp kalau ade sale..

  117. sue says:

    hai kak..selamat ary raya,, chat??
    kak nak tanye brand replay, guess sama gap mahal x kat sana????
    klu murah nk mtk akk beli kan…boleh x???

    • aemintz says:


      Selamat Hari Raya juga!!! alhamdulillah sihat hehe. yes akak boleh belikan Gap& Guess..Replay bukan jenama US so tkdpt tolong

  118. hanie says:

    salam anis,

    how about my order. dah email regarding payment on 22/09/2010 but no reply from you. macam mane ye, ada problem ke?

  119. NJ says:


    I suggest you have a section for pre-loved designer items. We can let go some of our stuffs to make room in the closet for new ones we’re getting from you!

  120. Lela says:

    Salam.Saya berminat dgn aigner handbag.Bila saya lihat harganya sgt mahal di KL atau KLIA.Boleh mencecah RM1500 untuk handbag.Tapi bila saya lihat harganya di jualan mega USA harganya sgt murah untuk model yang sama.Boleh bg tau kenapa jurang harganya terlalu jauh?Kedua saya was-was jika handbag itu jila diperbuat drpd leather ttp made in China.Selalunya ia diperbuat drpd kulit apa?

    • aemintz says:

      salam, mybe sbb KLIA and KL sewa kedai mahal kot sbb tu diorg kene jual mahal skit.. anyway, just imagine you skipped a few parties in distribution line, senang cerita, you bought it from factory is much cheaper than bought from retailer, kan?

      I bought direct from US (sometimes from the brand official website) and sell to my customer. yg kt KL mybe they have to go through retailer, reseller, distributor and so on and cost increase.

      Yup some of them made in china, but i dont think in KL, the bags are made somewhere else. They also from China..but its original and genuine leather. hope this help to clear your doubt. ๐Ÿ™‚

  121. izzkee says:

    salam…handbag EA Hyde Park Logo Satchel masih available?? Harganya berapa?? Macamana nak bayar? Please email to me at izzkee@gmail.com. tq

  122. ikky says:

    hye kalau saya nk buat special order utk beg ni,agak bole dapat tak?and if u cn find it cn u quote me ur price and the colour available for the bag.im dying to have it as long as its within my budget ๐Ÿ˜‰


  123. wani says:

    salam…sis,do u take special order??interested with GC watches..how much the cheapest one???

    • aemintz says:

      hi wani

      yup i take special order, give me the link of watch that youre interested in, and i will quote the price in Rm..tq!

  124. nurulhuda says:


    nk tanye kat sini ada jual kasut kasut tak..selain handbag dll.perfume ke ….


  125. mrs. zulia says:

    salam nis.. kalau akak nak order barang yg tgh sale kat macy’s skrg ni, camne caranya..dan harga yg kat site macy tu kalau nak convert ke RM jadi berapa? thanks..

    • aemintz says:


      ssh skit sy nk bgtau ramdom mcm ni, akk bg link nk item yg mane,,kalau nk beli byk, add to cart and copy cart tu ke sy, nti sy quote in RM

  126. fikri says:

    i want to buy things from amazon but it cannot be deliverd directlyto malaysia…can it be deliver to you and be included in your next shipment to malaysia nad i will fetch it from along or kak linie….already boughtthe item…i think it will reach u soon if the address kak linie gave me is correct..hehe

  127. har says:

    salam….elle sunglasses square link dark brown ade x??

  128. farah d says:

    kak, ble inbox saya, brape lame ye unt dapt brg yang kite ordr?
    coz i really fall in love with the armani exchange handbag, n wallet unt lelaki.
    coz nak buat unt hantaran kahwin, brpa lame ye estimate time die?

  129. fikri says:

    amazon kata barang dahsampai…tapi tak muat po box
    cemana eh kena amek kat post usps post office dia ada kata boleh call to arrange delivery..mana anis rasa ok?
    ni tracking number 9101197362816004566276

  130. mrs. zulia says:

    ni satu lagi ye nis..plz check jgk kulit ape? takut2 kang….heheheh

    • aemintz says:


      wallet ni ade kaler brown je, kulit ok tak haram sbb anis dh penah beli and dh tgk structure kulit. RM 160 inc shipping let me know kalau nk k.!

  131. mira says:

    Elle Sunglasses (black) ad stok lg tak???

  132. Dora Ismail says:

    Hi, will there be any chance for you to get me an LV instead? Thanks and regards.

  133. Sab A says:

    Hi dear,

    I’m on your feed, rasenye tak pass kot the earlier email i sent…

    could you possibly quote all inclusive for this Anne Klein…

    Appreciate it!! Many many thanks

  134. norsham says:

    if order corelle boleh tak???

    klu yang ini berape yer…


  135. norsham says:

    its ok..tqvm aemintz

  136. suriaty says:

    salam…perfume u tk jual ker?

  137. tn says:

    owh so fast…thank u.

    1 more, how about this one? just found it on the website


    *will email u which 1 later k

  138. sheiberlee says:

    is it possible for u to grab a ck wallet? Model No: 79320 (embossed.


  139. msilyana says:

    hi…minat nak order Etienne Aigner Maxine Tote..colour black..available lagi ke? n how soon bleh dapat ye?tq.

  140. AsmahBak says:

    salam anis,

    bole quote dis bag kt i x?? sorry i bg link dr fb seller len sbb x dpt cari dr fossil website..


  141. EZATUL says:

    hye..im interested to buy da product code of #xx1037 (purse XOXO) but i dun noe ow to order n da process..can u mail me da process of buying..TQ(^^,)

  142. zubidah says:

    salam, i wanna know etienne aigner wellsley tote black..and daisy fuentes turn lock hobo …brapa latest price and how buying process…

  143. EZATUL says:

    salam..kak aemintz..mcm mane dgn my question..please reply me oke..=)

  144. hariani says:

    As salam Anis,,, bmana dgn soalan akak tang men`s wallet – armani or ck tu? available ke

  145. Ina says:

    Hi Anis..i tgh survey nak beli wristlet
    Guess punye dlm harga RM180 and tak byk choice
    Kat US byk tak design yg lawa2 and harge brape?
    I suka wrislet elle dlm website ni sebab byk compartment tapi ada tak design lain?

  146. darl, have any available stock by relic wallet ??? im very interested with ur site but then, dont know which one is still available..

  147. Hariani says:

    As salam Anis,

    regret Anis tak respond email akak .. yalah , ur tag line kata boleh respond within 24 hrs …anyway tq.

  148. arm says:

    sis, kenapa xbls email saya??

  149. aemintz says:


  150. jeffrey says:

    salam hanis..bleh x resend kan balik ur DETAILS tu..nk bank in td..i checked i terdelete ur email! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    if u by today or tomorrow i will bank in kan for AX wallet tu

    if leh send to both emails


  151. fiat says:

    anis, agak2 akan restok lagi tak Armani Exchange Logo Plate Wallet?

  152. fiat says:

    salam anis,
    boleh tolong tgkkan harga oakley ni kalo anis jual berapa? http://www.oakley.com/products/4883/23751

    thanks dear.

  153. k sham says:

    Salam anis..Barang2 dah sampai..semalam pg gombak amik…
    hepi sgt2.tq..ada bajet nnt nak oder lg

  154. hafeez says:

    salam.. nak tanye kalo bli levis $28.80 selepas diskaun.. brapa kat sini? sebab skang ni tengah 40% off everything for 4 hours..

  155. Norsla says:

    salam anis, nak tanye, ea wellesly satchel brape rm ye? tq.

  156. fieyda says:

    Salam anis nak tanya yg victoria secret set beg pink kelip2 tu ada lagi ke?and also for coach handbag RM890, blh get some more discount?

  157. Zee says:

    Salam, nak tanya coach gracie sunglasses berapa harga? Tq

  158. Norsla says:

    Salam anis, nak tanye, wallet guess pink tade ke? kalau g by guess rosie wallet/cluth pink brape rm? tq

  159. aemintz says:

    RM 130

  160. jesMrz says:

    hello there.

    i’d like to buy the Fossil Key Per Shopper (Expresso) bag.

    may i know can can i make payment to you?


  161. jesMrz says:

    one more question: how much do you charge for postage around penisular msia?


  162. jesMrz says:

    thanks. btw, i’m using broadband so having a major connection problem here. i may be giving late replies. hopefully, the bag will not go to someone else. ๐Ÿ™‚

  163. hi i nak order armani exchange embossed logo wallet dan etienne aigner entourage sunglasses macam mana ya please email me back berapa bayaran .. saya akan guna maybank2u utk buat bayaran

  164. i dah send email back to you

  165. fikri says:

    Coach Signature Op Art Alex Shopper Sateen Bag Purse Tote 14449 Khaki…kalau ni berapa harga?? eh ritu shipping kasut berapa?

  166. goh says:

    Hi..May I know all your CK wallets here are genuine??is it 2nd handed?any misperfection? pls reply asap..thanks

  167. goh says:

    alright? it is genuine why the box not provided??may i know the retail price of CK rubberised logo wallet and CK printed men wallet?which of it wil be provided box together?i got to make order thru email? wat is ur email add??

  168. zue says:

    Anis, kasut cros refer pd website bleh order tak? kalau
    boleh kasut kalau $29 2 pasang +shipping brapa? rfr website tu
    ada promo 50% for 2nd pair..tq

  169. cristina uy says:

    hi i want to buy this wallet..hows the price??? how much is this? how buy it?

  170. azie says:

    hy anis…nk tnye ader jual sunglasses rayban from amazon.com gak ke???

  171. zarinah says:

    hi, jam tangan fossil warna purple tu ada lagi tak
    ES 2347: RM 295 deposit berapa

  172. ayu says:

    Dear, i ada email u quotation smalam…pls check ya..thanks

  173. FeeAmran says:

    hai.. nk tanye.. selain dari brg2 yg ade dekat website nie, bleh x kalau nk order brg lain? cthnye i nk beli Xbox 360 slim. Boleh ke?

  174. shiela says:

    hye .. elle pleated wrislet in berry colour tu ade lagi ke? dia kaler purple ke pink ye?

  175. channel twenty says:

    sis. tlg promote page ni jgk. thanks !


  176. Izura says:

    Salam Anis,

    You xde jual brg Longchamp ke? interested jgk…

  177. rena says:

    salam kak,
    hbag guess dlm link ni akak ade jual x? i minat hbag ni:)

  178. rena says:

    salam kak,
    hbag guess dlm link ni akak ade jual x? i minat hbag ni:)


  179. rena says:

    rm440 tu include pos kan? mm harge hbag tu je brape ek klu da convert RM ?

  180. rena says:

    klu hbag guess mmg mahal ke kat sna?

    • aemintz says:

      kalau yg sale mmg murah kalau nk beli kt US baik beli yg tgh ada sale kalo tk lagi mahal dr msia sbb shipping and tax

  181. rena says:

    oh ic…bole suggest website yg tgh sale hbag guess x skrg? tu pun klu ade..thnkss ๐Ÿ˜‰

  182. ida says:


    Saya berminat dengan new coach graphic alexandra warna ungu (tapi kalau ada warna lain pun ok). Berapa yer harga yg awak tawarkan?

    Looking forward for your reply. Thank you.

  183. Maslina says:

    Salam. Bole quotekan tuk chanel gst black caviar in sliver hardware complete with box?

  184. jla says:


    kak, Fossil Natalie Tab Clutch & Heirloom Tab Clutch ad tk? brape ye?

  185. wani says:

    i am still waiting for ur reply aemintz…

  186. rena says:

    salam ley tlg quote bju ni. thnkss ๐Ÿ˜‰




    • JualanMega USA! says:

      this watch is RM 430 all inc. will take 2-3 weeks to arrive if nk order bgtau ye


      • NG says:

        nahh.. cannot do… next time… sorry.. but tq…

      • NG says:

        hmmm… i already seek this watch around southern malaysia.. none stall do sell fossil… i want to ask.. either its quarantee/warranty can be used in Malaysia or not..and how long its warranty for service… tq..

  187. azlin nasran says:

    Bole checkkan harga brg ni tak Anis.
    SKU# 24-237

  188. shiela says:

    dear … CK wallet u tu ade coin compartment tak? i cari yang macam nie http://www.shopmeholic.lot.my/index.php?route=product/product&path=2025&product_id=25480

  189. sudoku says:

    There are certainly loads of details like that to take into consideration. That is a nice point to deliver up. I provide the thoughts above as basic inspiration however clearly there are questions just like the one you bring up where crucial factor will likely be working in trustworthy good faith. I don?t know if finest practices have emerged round things like that, but I am certain that your job is clearly recognized as a good game. Each boys and girls really feel the influence of only a momentโ€™s pleasure, for the rest of their lives.

  190. adnilatsa says:

    Harga2 tuk coach, masih sama harga promotion ker….



  191. Zulfo says:

    Hi there. Can you check for me price for this watch? i really2 need this watch for my fiancee ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ll buy if you can give me incredible price. Thanks.


  192. sushi says:

    u rasa kan fossil smartphone case RETRO tu muat tak kalau masuk nokia E63?

  193. sushi says:

    hi anis

    knp tak leh email u erkk?? asik failed ajer…
    nak tanya u let say i bank in balance utk ck fade sunglasses tu hari nie, u sempat tak pos esok utk jumaat sampai??..


  194. sushi says:

    bg i no acc u balik.. n no fone.. susah la email u tp failed..

    ada tak email lain? nak bg my add nnt.


  195. tisya says:

    hi… i’m interested in the etinne aigner simplicity crossbody. just to ask for ur opinion, which colour is nicer if it is in real, the yellow or the orange? i’m interested in this bag but contemplating to choose the color… hihi
    kindly advise. TQ

  196. suzie says:

    salam.. sis.. dah dapat wallet fossil lama dah.. tapi sekarang baru nak bagi tau.. suke sgt.. thnx ye.. :))

  197. syah says:

    boleh tlg check belt Tommy hilfiger dan Timberland.

  198. tini says:


    utk wallet dkny nie ade lgi x?

  199. nik mohd hisyam says:

    nak Guess Marciano Men Wallet satu!
    ade stock lg x?

  200. Syaz says:


    Nak tanya lar COACH SIGNATURE STRIP TOTE GOLD tu pre order or ready stock ? And how long it will take if it pre order and also the postage charge.Thanks !!

  201. ecah says:

    hi anis i nk taye jam guess yg u bru post under special order 2 hw much r?

  202. sha says:

    anis brpa hrga jam fossil ni inc postage 2 m’sia

  203. deice grice says:

    NEW COACH KENSLEY 839 50-16-135 black / etc EYEGLASSES
    ada sales please let me know k… yang RM275 TU HEHEHE

  204. deice grice says:



  205. linda says:

    salam..anis, linda nak tanya boleh dapat handbg coach kristin op art sateen colour brown (16784) tak? kalau boleh brp ye harga including postage ke pasir gudang? tq

  206. syah says:

    reserved for me

    Dockers Men Belt Black – size 40


  207. dahlia says:

    hello..just wanna ask..u takde ke jual product Longchamp…im searching this product….

  208. abidah kamaruzaman says:

    akak nak fossil watch es 2251 & es 2451..pls inbox d message if ada stock..tq aniss..(kak abi)

  209. hasslian says:

    hye, nak tanye sunglass link ni brape hargenye?


    currently looking for sunglass besar yg fesyen skang tu (xtau jenisnya). u have any suggested website x from US yg i bleh usha n order from u?


    • aemintz says:


      Item requested is RM 160 all inclusive to your address. It will take approx 10-20 days to arrive.

      Confirm back with me if you want.

      Other website mybe u can check 6pm.com or boscovs

      Thank You

    • aemintz says:


      Item requested is RM 890 all inclusive to your address. It will take approx 10-20 days to arrive.

      Confirm back with me if you want.

      Thank You

  210. dzul says:

    im looking foward to buy adidas toronto..
    dh puas cri tp xjumpa..
    brapa price die ek?

  211. Hana says:


    x sure dpt my msg or not. hehe
    COACH COLETTE SIGNATURE SATEEN HOBO BAG time – time COACH sale ni berapa yer. yang kaler itam.
    thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  212. dzul says:

    nak adidas toronto kaler putih line hitam..
    size us 10
    size uk 9

  213. dzul says:

    finaly i got dh shoe dat i really want!
    email me ur account no..
    make sure adidas toronto tu ori tau.LOL~
    really2 appreciate it

  214. sue says:

    Salam…. Fossil Lilian Square Sunglasses Brown ada stock tk lgi?

  215. Rashidah says:

    I want the Calvin Klein New Logo Hobo in Grey.
    Kindly advise next step.

  216. rena says:

    salam dear,

    can u quote for me Guess Sussex Small Caryall price? Thnkss alot ๐Ÿ™‚

  217. rena says:

    salam dear, can u quote me guess sussex small caryall price? ๐Ÿ™‚ Thnks ya…

  218. nur says:

    Sis..cannne nk ode?kena bayar deposit@full?slalu bape lame brg akn sampai?leh pat diskaun ke sis?pas2 kalo yg da sold out xwat pre order ker?ai brkenan yg Nine West Drawstring Xbody kale pepel@merah!da lame cari design ni..:)1 lg..Nine West Crown Jewel..

    tq sis:)

  219. syeera says:

    dkny cozy ade x?

  220. miza says:

    anis, saya nak Fossil Tava Wristlet ni la. ada stock lagi tak? kalo ade, please advise me nx step ye..


  221. Han says:

    Nak beli guess wallet.

  222. saleha says:

    interested in fossil maddox. Is it full leather?

  223. Shom says:

    Available for fossil CH2687? How much for it?

  224. fara says:

    Calvin Klein Calista COnvertible Shoulder Bag BLACK boleh nego lg x? bg la harga students.. pleasee.. serious buyer.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  225. masz says:

    salam, sy baru npk web site u.. so nk tnye
    kalo bayar arini.. 2 beg ni leh sampai sblm raye ke?


    Etienne Aigner Venice Satchel MULTI
    14โ€ณ x 6โ€ณ x 8.5โ€ณ, Jacquard Polyester Fabric with Leather Trim

  226. rena says:

    $198.00 style:1793


    $278.00 style:14337

    helo anis, can u quote for me the price? i check the price at coach.com

  227. bibi says:


  228. surya says:

    Message body

    beg ni ada lagi tak ?? last month jumpa kat DFO Brisbane…hage AUS$179 new arrival katanya..no discount ! still mahal kalo convert RM..
    so..tak beli time tu.. beg ni mmg cantikkkk!!! material pun bagus..

    pls reply.. TQ.

  229. liza says:

    Etienne Aigner Classic Checkbook HONEY ada stok tak?

  230. Ziana says:

    Hi… u ada tak – Coach 74298 Bleecker Legacy Leather Stripe Slim Bill Wallet in Black

  231. Ziana says:

    Hi… Coach 74298 Bleecker Legacy Leather Stripe Slim Bill Wallet in Black ada tak?

  232. rohani says:

    boleh tak tengok barang tu kat office/rumah sebelum beli?

  233. surya says:

    Fossil Sienna Checkbook Clutch IRON
    RM 175

    anis.. yg ini ada lagi tak ?? any other color ??

  234. nida says:

    im really interested ngan brg yg u jual..saya nak tanye, barang yg u jual ni original brand ye…klu i send kat u pic brg yg i nak kan boleh ke??n i nak tau price for the item and evrything other chrge..
    thank you..

  235. nidasyaheerah says:

    Hai I nak tau saiz beg for fossil maddox top handle patchwork n de x color lain utk fossil maddox top handle…beside salmon color

    • JualanMega USA! says:

      hi dear,

      size: 13(L) x 10(H) x 2.75(W)”; 4″ handle drop; 20″ shoulder strap with 6″ turnback

      i ada patchwork and salmon je, beli time sale kt US hari tu msia mahal ni beg ni

      let me know if u want ya

  236. amirakhir says:

    hi anis,

    thanx a lot. i dah dapat wallet Fossil Maddox Zip Patchwork tuh…cantik.

    nk minta tolong, boleh tolong carikan men wallet fossil

    minta tolong pm saya harganya… tq anis

  237. Noorhaiza Bt Masri says:

    k.anis sy nk ordr guess tote carallyn rm360.stil available x

  238. eliana says:

    DEar,fossil wristlet ade lg?

  239. surya says:

    anis.. sy dah dpt purse fossil scarlet tu..! suka gilerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!! kat mesia tak leh dpt hage tu ! kat aussie pun mahal ! TQ!

  240. scha fathil says:

    can i have u phone number?

  241. stephanie says:

    hi dear, got my parcel safe n sound ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks!

  242. farah says:

    hi anis.. Bole tolong quote harga these watches tak?
    1. Fossil Marjorie Leather Watch – Black (JR1340)
    2. Black Patent Blade 40MM (MBM1205)

    • JualanMega USA! says:

      Salam Farah

      Sorry for late reply

      Fossil JR1340 is RM 380 Marc Jacobs RM 740 nett

      Let me know if you want to order


  243. shikin says:

    handbag elle ada x?

  244. nita says:

    anis..plz check my payment yea..

  245. kyan says:

    nak tanya coach kristin op art sateen hobo 16784 silver black brapa harga?

  246. lia says:

    knapa tk bls email sy……

  247. COACHFAN says:


  248. atan... says:

    Hi.. nak tumpang tanya.. kalai beli jam fossil tu.. macamana ngan waranty die?berapa lama warranty? valid ke warranty jam tu kalau di bawa ke kedai fossil malaysia?

    • JualanMega USA! says:


      Watch Warranty1. All watches comes with box and manufacturer warranty. We are not authorized dealer of all watches hence warranty may become void at the brand’s store.2. We offer 10 days warranty. Upon arrival, if you find that your watch is defective, please send back to us for return / repair provided item is still in original packaging and unused.3. We will not be held accountable for any defects of your items after 10 days. After 10 days, you have to send for repair at your own cost. We believe watch repairs are not too expensive.

  249. izzati says:

    hi, just wondering how my order….INV-120725….dh seminggu bayar and didnt receive anything yet….

  250. Aa says:

    received my clutch, Fossil Berry Mercer Flp few days ago. Love it! thanks. definitely will shop here again! ๐Ÿ™‚

  251. nurul akmar norizan says:

    salam! tumoang tanya, jam fossil FS4608 ni available lg? tq!

  252. akma says:

    de order jam Guess Triangle Watch PINK,bole less g x

  253. akma says:

    sy nk tnya coach sy order Coach Poppy Metallic Sig FOldover bole bg less x harge n kwn tnya coach leather pieced duffle bole bg brpe less

    • JualanMega USA! says:


      harga semua dah final, cz dah murah dah termasuk delivery charges Let me know kalau nk ya, coz i ada limited units saja


  254. sharifah says:

    hi, saya nk tanya if berminat nk bli mcm ner caranya yer…tq, i suka fossil handbeg…pls update me latest design ok…tqvm

  255. nurul akmar norizan says:

    salam! my order have safely arrived. thank you! happy to deal with you.. looking forward to other deals in the future ๐Ÿ™‚

  256. Shirley Vm says:

    Kindly reply my email regarding the tracking no ya. 1st time buyer. Tq.

  257. sukma says:


    please check my payment ya…


  258. Fossil watch masih ada lagi?

  259. MizzHanum says:

    hi any Marc Jacobs Classic Q Hillier Hobo pre order..currently i tgk ada blush color..kaler2 lain u xde preorder?

  260. Erlangga says:

    Salam anis,

    I was surfing on how to buy things in us without any hassle to travel there to buy that things. I glad i’ve stumbled upon your website.

    I would like to know do you sell messenger bag from coach for men?

    All the items your selling are genuine item am i right?

    Hope to hear from you soon


    • JualanMega USA! says:

      Dear Erlangga

      Im sorry i do not have stock for coach Messenger Bag for Men at the moment

      Yes all items are 100% original brand bought in the US


  261. irma says:

    Bila saya boleh dapat item saya? Saya dah settle bayaran from last week lagi.
    :(, dah dekat 1 week tunggu

  262. irma says:

    bila saya boleh dapat item saya? dah settle payment from last week lagi. dah masuk 1 week, item belum dapat lagi.. huk2..

  263. fadzilah says:

    salam…nk tanye CK Parker Scoop Brown Grey ade lg x??

  264. irma says:

    Hmm… I had a bad purchasing experience here. Not getting what i ordered & only being informed about that after 5 weeks of waiting.

  265. anon says:

    tolong beri final price…thank you.
    2.FOSSIL AM4377 Women’s Flight Mini Leather Strap Sand 100m Date Ladies Watch
    3.FOSSIL AM4376 Women’s Flight Mini Leather Strap 100m Date Pink Ladies Watch New

    • JualanMega USA! says:


      1.FOSSIL AM4304 BROWN LEATHER STRAP LADIES WATCH *RM 330* 2.FOSSIL AM4377 Women’s Flight Mini Leather Strap Sand 100m Date Ladies Watch *RM 330* 3.FOSSIL AM4376 Women’s Flight Mini Leather Strap 100m Date Pink Ladies Watch New *RM 330*

      Pre Order 2-3 weeks

  266. ct says:


    ade tak Jam fossil yg utk couple.klu de bape RM.


  267. Rafidah says:

    Hi Anis,
    Juz wana say thanks. So far I have bought a handbag and a watch and I like them very much. Do come up with more products, ok! I alwas look forward for your new items.
    I was wondering if you can check the price of roller blades for kids. Its hard to find good roller blades here in M’sia.(.If it’s too much a favour, juz ignore this request)
    Thank you.

  268. Rafidah says:

    Hi Anis,
    Just received the item -Zoe Leather Duffle today. Really love it..! Thank you..!

  269. Good replies in return of this query with real arguments and telling everything about that.

  270. mnrs42@yahoo.com says:

    pls contact me about aigner watch.tq 0162000217..najib

  271. mazita says:

    salam sis nk tanye watches fossil ES2444

  272. Aishah Abd Rahman says:

    Hai,assalamualaikum Aniss..terima kasih atas servis yg sangat bagus dan memuaskan hati,keep it.Saya dah dapat handbag Coach tu,cantik!boleh promote jualan u dekat my friend nanti..


      Thanks Ms Aishah for your purchase. Glad u like it!

      On Tue, Oct 1, 2013 at 9:56 PM, Jualan Mega USA! | Shop branded handbags Malaysia | Coach Malaysia | Fossil Malaysia |

  273. BlkUdqcUmu says:

    see here 3 5 mg valium – valium no prescription uk

  274. Hello would you mind sharing which blog platform you’re using?

    I’m planning to start my own blog in the neaar future but I’m having a hard time selecting between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal.
    The reason I ask is because your design seems dkfferent then moost bpogs and I’m looking for something completely
    unique. P.S My apologies ffor being off-topic but I had too ask!

  275. I am regular reader, how are youu everybody? This paragraph posted at this site is in fact pleasant.

  276. myra says:

    Hi Anis,

    I nak tanya jam fossil ni JR1401/ 1437 tak? Anything email me ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you!

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