3. Terms & Conditions


1. Payment must be made WITHIN 12 hours after order placed.

2. After 12 hours, your order will be cancelled and released to other customer.

3. Payment instruction will be given via email after order placed.

4. Please make sure you receive payment receipt from us after payment made in order to ensure that we receive your payment and process your order.

Return & Exchange

1. Items cannot be exchanged or returned unless wrong description published at our blog regarding the items.

2. Unused defective item can be returned with price tag attached /items in original condition within 10 days. Postage fee will not be refunded.


1. Postage is FREE for all purchases.

2. Delivery will be made via POSLAJU. For Ready Stock Items, order will arrive within 1-5 days after payment received. US Stock & Pre Order will take 10-20 days

3. POSLAJU Tracking number will be sent via email. You can track your package using the number given in your email HERE

4. If you do not receive your order after specified time above, please contact us immediately.

5. Items lost during delivery will not be refunded until we manage to track the package with the shipping company

Booking Deposit

1. Balance for all booking must be made within 1 month. After 1 month, your items will be released and booking deposit will be forfeited.

2. All Booking can’t be cancelled. If you choose to cancel, deposit also will be burnt

Watch Issues & Warranty

1. All watches comes with box and manufacturer warranty. We are not authorized dealer of all watches hence warranty may become void at the brand’s store.

2. We offer 10 days warranty. Upon arrival, if you find that your watch is defective, please send back to us for return / repair provided item is still in original packaging and unused.

3. We will not be held accountable for any defects of your items after 10 days. After 10 days, you have to send for repair at your own cost. We believe watch repairs are not too expensive.

4. We DO NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR defect on watches’ tin boxes during delivery.


46 comments on “3. Terms & Conditions

  1. Aminah says:


    Anis, saya nak tanya bag nine west ziz habo ada lagi ke dan satu lagi kalau saya nak kasut brapa harganya ya? link i attached disiini


    Nine West Ziz Hobo
    RM 195
    (harga di pasaran RM 300++)
    Arriving next week

    Thank you
    Aminah Mohd Said

  2. majidah says:

    saya nak tnye kalo nak order t-mobile sidekick 3 tp boley unlocked version kat malaysia boley x?kalo cmtu bape overall cost termasuk postage fee?

  3. Qimie says:

    dear, nak tau coach poppy op art glam tote how much eh?

  4. sharifah says:

    askum kak, saya berkenaan dengan beg etienne aigner marbella top zip black colour dengan etienne aigner stonebridge camel colour….boleh tau tak beraapa haraga dengan pos sekali? dan ada ke stok lagi?sempat ke nak pakai raya ni?

  5. Salam Tauke,
    saya nak tanya tentang harga lanyard coach tq…

  6. zarinah says:

    hi anis,

    i berminat dengan beg ni coach poppy Pop C Collectible large Spotlight 15433 . How much is the price agaknyer.

  7. fadilah says:


    i would like to order this tote bag. Is it still available?


  8. nur says:

    salam.babe,armani wallet tu ade lagi tak?reply asap.thanks

  9. nur says:

    oh yah correction.armani embossed logo wallet for men.tq

  10. Linda says:

    Klau nak order ni boleh tak?

  11. Linda says:

    How abt this one? Tq

  12. anette says:

    Anis, Hand Bag Etienne Aigner Kelly Hobo BIRCH brape harga including taxes + fees ? ada lag ke..?kinda interested lah..TQ

  13. rye says:


    im interested with diz Jessica Simpson Karma Stud Top Zip SKU #7688611..Can i noe how much the price??


  14. rye says:


    Another one is this GUESS Zambia Small Hobo…agak2 bpe price dia ek…


  15. linda says:

    hi anis, do you receive order from ebay? do let me know, much thanks 🙂

  16. rye says:


    sy nk tanya laa for these both items ada stock/ available lg x???

    a) https://jualanmega.wordpress.com/category/coach/
    Coach Storypatch Top Handle

    b) https://jualanmega.wordpress.com/category/walletpurse/ – guess marciano men wallet

    Thanks yaa..

  17. teep says:

    hi anis… agak2 brape rega in rm ya? tq

  18. Era711 says:

    Hai…. saya berkenan dgn beg Etienne Aigner Teaberry Tote. Is it genuine leather or faux leather. Ada lagi ke in stock dan berapa harga termasuk kos penghantaran? Thanks !!

  19. Era711 says:

    Anis, saya nak tanya samada Anis boleh source out items bagi handbag Coach di bawah ni tak? Boleh tolong quote harga setiap satu termasuk postage dan sebagainya.


  20. Sya says:

    Hi Anis,
    Could u pls quote for Etienne Aigner Handbag for me…
    2. LORELEI TOTE, COLORS: CAMEL, Style# 20156


  21. Merry says:

    Salam sista, say sudah buat payment untuk pembelian DKNY jam tangan NY 9137 . Kenapa tak ade feedback apa2 pun ya ? Sebab I tak ada laptoop sekarang. I cuma guna Black berry. So please bagi sebarang reply kat email atau FB.

  22. syida says:

    Anis..dpt tak email sy???sy dh wat payment.n mcmne nk contact anis??no phone please……

  23. Sham says:

    Hi anis,
    Just a suggestion. Why dont u also sell NBA items like shirts, shorts n other merchandise. I believe we hv good market here as its quite hard to find it locally.

  24. zuridah says:

    Ada lg x Madison Graphic Op Art Satchel?

  25. natasha says:

    Assallammualikum Anis

    Kita ade oder bag CK Logo Fabric Tote Grey..and dah dpt invoice no pada 20 jun 2012
    tapi masih tak dpt feedback bila bag akan hantar…kita ade email tapi u tak sempat nak jawab kot..
    just nak tahu..berita bag tu…tq

    • JualanMega USA! says:


      Bag ni dah smpi msia, tp masih proses clearance custom, belum ada di tangan, inshaAllah poslaju will be made by this week


  26. nuasra says:

    Slm, boleh pm price crossbody handbag fossil Tessa Top Zip Style #:ZB5286 color saddle or raspberry?

  27. Nana Kamarudin says:

    alamakk sis.. i siap dah tersalah antar msg pulak. i terhantar dekat “how to buy”.. really sorry 😦

    u ada tak jam fossil utk style no yang ni For Men: CH2564 &For Women: ES2861.
    kalau ada i nak tahu price jam2 ni. if u dapat email i hope u blh reply kt situ saje.. TQ sis 🙂

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